Our consultants write frequently about value measurement, value management and value based reward.


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Developments in the regulatory landscape, transforming shareholder expectations, and lessons from other companies' remuneration policy changes - keep abreast of the market with our regular updates.


Our free annual survey of FTSE 350 incentive practice, drawn from our database of pay levels and incentive structures, details incentive practice for various index groupings from the FTSE 30 through to the entire FTSE 350.  This report provides a snapshot of current and emerging market practice.


We no longer produce our periodic newsletter, focusing instead on providing timely, bitesize updates on the latest trends and developments in executive remuneration. 

Historical issues are available on request.


Brexit & The Impact on Talent Issues

Including implications for remuneration design and target setting

Performance Benchmarking
Choosing between a broad stock market index and a tailored peer group; the impact of benchmark choice on the fair value of an incentive award.

Economic Profit
An introduction to Economic Profit; using EP in incentive schemes; how to set EP targets.

Option Valuation
How to value options.

International Peer Groups
When to measure TSR of overseas companies in domestic currencies, and when to convert to a common currency.