There are several complicated issues with which Remuneration Committees and HR professionals are dealing, and there is some early evidence of Boards signalling one-off changes to the pay structure having considered the impact on their own companies.

To help companies navigate these uncertain times, Mercer ran two video calls during which we explored the issues and market trends, and provided an opportunity for participants to ask questions/offer comments.  We addressed the key issues pertinent to Remuneration Committees and senior HR executives, including:

  • How to set targets in this period of uncertainty

  • When to award LTIP grants, and whether to apply a ‘haircut’ to award sizes

  • How to signal the framework for applying discretion on incentive outcomes so as to be acceptable to stakeholders

  • How discretion can be applied robustly

  • Whether 2020 pay rises will be acceptable

  • The relationship between employee pay and executive pay  

  • How to manage economic and reputational factors when making remuneration decisions  


You can listen to a recording of this session and access the materials, right:

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