Mercer | Kepler focuses on providing high-quality tailored and independent advice on remuneration.  Our approach is to first develop a deep understanding of each client’s business and then help ensure the reward strategy supports the needs of the business and reinforces success.  Companies that select Mercer | Kepler see the way they remunerate their executives and staff as a potential source of competitive advantage.

We have strong capabilities in incentive design, performance measurement, target-setting, reward policy development, pay benchmarking, pensions and benefits, tax/accounting/legal issues as they relate to remuneration, remuneration governance, shareholder engagement and consultation, and implementation support.

We believe that our experience of supporting over 250 companies worldwide helps us to provide our clients with high quality advice and responsive, relevant and practical support.

In June 2015, Kepler joined forces with Mercer, one of the world's leading consulting firms, to deepen and broaden our international and below-board capabilities.  This will allow us to continue our mission, while providing flexibility to grow and expand.  We continue to provide the same service for the same fee, and retain our core name.  We appear in the market as 'Mercer | Kepler' to signify that Remuneration Committees can continue to trust the independence, objectivity and quality of our advice.

For more information about our services and to explore how we can assist you, please get in touch.

  • We have been monitoring the annual reports of September year-end companies to identify the latest trends in remuneration practices ahead of the main 2020 AGM season. More...

  • We have published a summary of the Investment Association Principles of Remuneration 2020 (here) the 2020 Glass Lewis Proxy Voting Guidelines (here), and the ISS 2020 Proxy Voting Guidelines (here) - as well as and our initial thoughts for companies as we approach year-end.

  • Mercer | Kepler has published thought leadership on remuneration packages in asset management. More...


  • Further to our update earlier in the year, we have analysed how the first 100 or so FTSE350 companies with December year-ends reporting this year have been responding to new reporting requirements and design changes put forward by the updated UK Corporate Governance Code.  More...


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